Train Wash:

Train Wash Plants

AIRQUICK TRAINCARE is uniquely placed in the train washing market.

We draw on our up-to-date and proven, high performance designs and control systems, our robust, low maintenance, long-life engineering, our expert knowledge of cleaning needs, techniques and operating requirements. We tailor each plant to suit individual requirements and operating constraints.

We believe we offer the most comprehensive service available.



Scope of Services

Roof and skirt washing.
'Totally enclosed' plant for complete spray containment, where required.

Modern operator aids - line-side speed indication/monitoring, local or remote diagnostics, vehicle identification, data logging/monitoring/analysis.
Refurbishment/upgrading of existing plant.
Flail to brush conversions.
Independent consultancy - evaluation and advice on project options.
Troubleshooting - evaluation of current performance, proposals for restoring effectiveness/upgrading options.
Maintenance and servicing contracts.
Bespoke plants - London Underground - underground Wash Plant.